Step1Contact us for details
Email us or contact us @808-400-0506, we will send you the franchise package and go over the process with you.
Step2Getting to know Ramen business
We will go over the whole picture of owning and running a ramen restaurant with you, and you are more than welcome to visit one of our locations. We will also go over the cost and financial with you and answered all the questions that you may have.
Step3Commitment and Select Location
After you committed to franchising us, a franchise agreement have to be signed before we can move forward. After you signed the agreement, we will go over your interested locations with you and provided you our advance.
Step4Interior Design
Once the location has been selected, we will contact our designer for the interior design. He will provided us the floor plan and all the construction plan.
After we finalized the interior design, permitting and construction will take place and this can take anywhere around from 2-5 months depends on existing condition of the location and local regulations. At the same time, we will also provided you lists of equipments and help you training the future store manager at one of our existing locations.
After the construction completed and received all the necessary licenses, we will set an opening date. At the beginning, we can send 1 or 2 experience staff to help you training the new employees or get your restaurant up running.