Tanaka Ramen brings the dream of a fresh, gourmet, and affordable Japanese Ramen bar to College Station. Named after the skilled Japanese Ramen chef who inspired the restaurant’s creation, Tanaka Ramen seeks to serve delicious traditional flavors in a chic modern environment right in the middle of hungry College Station & Chicago.


The Japanese take their food very seriously: Japan is a land of art, and their cuisine is no exception. Ramen was never meant to be a college staple food, bought in bulk at the supermarket for 10 cents a packet. Fortunately, you can enjoy true, quality ramen in all its artisanal, gourmet glory at Tanaka Ramen – and you’ll see why the Japanese consider this dish to be “soul food.” With plenty of options to build your own ramen, or select a signature recipe, plus tempting appetizers, we’ve got all kinds of tastes covered. When you’ve got Tanaka, “ramen again!” won’t be a bad thing.

Spicy Ramen


Chicken Ramen


Black Ramen




Pork Bun


Rock Shrimp



Great ramen doesn’t use shortcuts, and Tanaka Ramen is no exception. All of our dishes are made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. If a chef in Japan wouldn’t put it in his food, we won’t put it in ours. The secret to delicious, artisanal ramen is good homemade broth: our noodles and broth are made daily in-house. In the Tanaka kitchen, we make our broths through a special slow steeping process with quality whole chickens, pork bones, and vegetables. It takes a whole 12 hours to make the broth, but we believe it’s worth it for the immense flavor and authenticity. It’s the only way to do it at Tanaka.There’s plenty of room for you to let your own palate shine however: we have plenty of ingredients and toppings for you to build your own ramen – the possibilities are endless! Having trouble deciding what goes good together? We’ve got signature recipes for you to choose from as well. Either way- you’re in charge of what goes in your bowl. Let us make the best ramen of your life.