Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen

Made with deliciously creamy, slow-made pork broth, Tonkotsu ramen is among the most popular noodle dishes in Japan- for good reason- this “holy grail” of ramen is flavor packed and our hot Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen has a kick to boot.

Tonkotsu Black Ramen

Our signature flavor-filled Tonkotsu broth with black roasted garlic oil- vampires
beware! Take a trip to the dark side of ramen with this incredibly aromatic Tonkotsu
Black Ramen with your protein of choice.

Chicken Ramen

The beloved classic! Enjoy Japanese Chicken Ramen made the Tanaka way with our hand-crafted, 12-hour-steeped rich chicken broth. Topped with perfectly cooked chicken and seasoning, you can’t go wrong with this choice.


Traditional yummy Japanese street food- handcrafted ball of fried octopus with egg tartar, green onions, and special sauce.

Pork Bun

Slow cooked tender pork encased in a soft fluffy traditional bun. A classic Eastern

Rock Shrimp

Crispy shrimp tempura tossed in TANAKA’S original spicy mayonnaise done in the classic “ebi-mayo” style